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Group License

The Atomic Training Group License is the perfect solution for training your office staff. Whether you need to enhance new employee orientation, transition to updated software, or extend IT support, Atomic Training has the essential training you need to develop and increase technology skills, proficiency, and productivity. Our professionally designed and produced tutorials answer specific questions, providing a just-in-time training solution that all types of learners can benefit from. Atomic Training offers nearly 40,000 tutorials on over 140 software applications including Microsoft, Adobe, Google and more!


Group License
Product Details
Atomic Training is your own personal How-To resource. With the purchase of this product, you are able to gain access to this training series and all of the topics it covers. Atomic Training creates an account for you, in which you can log into and immediately access your purchase. Please be sure to check out our technical specifications to insure you can fully utilize our training.

For a price quote or to request more information, please contact our sales staff at

Approx. # of tutorials included: over 40,000
Approx. training time: over 1,200 hours
Subscription Length: 1 Year from date of purchase
Subscription Cost Per User(20 user minimum): Call For Quote

Take a look at just some of items that are covered in this solution. To see all available tutorials, click on the link(s).

For a price quote or to request more information, please contact our sales staff at
Tech Specs
The requirements for using Atomic Training are listed below. You will need a Web browser and either the Flash or QuickTime plugin to view the tutorial movies.


  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher
  • Browser: Safari 3 or higher, or Firefox 3 or higher
  • Player: QuickTime Player 7 or higher, or Flash Player 9.1 or higher
  • Bandwidth: Minimum 128 kb/s; Recommended 512 kb/s
  • Adobe Reader 9 or higher
  • Java 1.4 or higher

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Excel 2010 Introduction

Word 2010 Introduction

PowerPoint 2010 Introduction

OneNote 2010
Key #Length
1.previewIntroducing OneNote805491:05
2.previewCreating a new notebook805501:00

Outlook 2010

Flash CS5 Professional Introduction

Photoshop CS5 Extended Introduction
Key #Length
1.previewOpening files808720:38
2.previewOpening multiple files808731:16

Premiere Pro CS5
Key #Length
1.previewCreating a new project812192:18
2.previewCreating a new sequence812201:33

iPod TouchiPad


Google Chrome 5

Google Custom Search Workshop
Key #Length
1.previewIntroducing advanced search367841:03

Google Docs - A Focus on Documents

Google Docs - A Focus on Spreadsheets Introduction

Google Docs - A Focus on Spreadsheets Advanced
Key #Length
1.previewUsing forms828381:04
2.previewCreating forms pt. 1737772:10

Google Docs - A Focus on Presentations

Google Earth 4
Key #Length
1.previewDownloading Google Earth359982:08
2.previewUnderstanding the layout359991:44

Google Earth 5

Google SketchUp 7